Digital architecture has been used to refer to other aspects of architecture that feature digital technologies. The emergent field is not clearly delineated to this point, and the terminology is also used to apply to digital skins that can be streamed images and have their appearance altered. A headquarters building design for Boston television and radio station WGBH by Polshek Partnership has been discussed as an example of digital architecture and includes a digital skin.


Digital architects examine a company’s needs, digital capabilities and plans to create digital designs that improve productivity. Often, digital architects work on projects that aim to increase how many tasks a company’s staff can complete with modern technology to make the workforce more efficient.
Digital systems are required to manipulate a broad variety of information: numbers, as well as texts, pictures, graphics, music, symbols, and sounds. Those systems achieve mathematical operations and graphical elaboration, they assemble, store and correlate messages and execute several algorithms.
Personalization: clients need to be able to personalize their digital experience to their own needs in look & feel, but also to their own interests. For example, a a client who is only interested in certain categories of products, is shown his or her primary interests in the top section of the page.
Digital Architecture is a field of engineering that utilises digital media in the process of its architectural design. Digital Architecture will help in designing the concept, design development, and detail designing of the architecture’s form.
Channel Management: manages and optimizes customer experience for each channel to get a seamless, integrated, and consistent look and feel. Based on the channel, user interface parameters may change due to screen size, resolution and user interaction possibilities.
Orchestration: this is the component that enables the flow of the business process and interaction with the client. It typically involves a 5 step process: Landing page > Search product > Register Client > Buy > Process and deliver order, but depends on specific industry. Together with session management, it enables omnichannel presence, so a customer can enter or leave any time, any place and continue.


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