Save Time and Money with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of integrating technology into business processes. In localization, digital transformation often involves the automation of tasks and processes via technology. This includes translation memories, machine translation, testing automation, content management systems, connectors, plugins, and other digital tools.

Digital transformation is not just a step toward modernization – it is a way for organizations of all sizes to meet the demands of our globalized world. Beginning this transformation process can revolutionize your localization program and save your company time and money.

Save Money by Deploying Machine Translation

Organizations can reduce part of the overall translation costs of a project by deploying AI machine translation in conjunction with post-editing. This change allows you to save on the cost of employing two qualified human translators (one for translation and one for review) by substituting them with machine translation and a human post-editor. 


  • If you are paying $0.20 per word for translation and review, for a 10,000-word project into four languages, it will cost you $8,000.
  • If you are paying $0.15 per word for Machine Translation & Post Editing for a 10,000-word project in four languages, it will cost you $6,000.

Deploying machine translation and post-editing instead will decrease your translation costs by $500 per language or $2,000 for the entire project.
This represents a 25% reduction in translation costs.

Companies can then use these savings generated by machine translation to:

  • Translate content into even more languages, allowing your company to reach a wider global audience.
  • Translate other types of content, which will allow achieving different company goals. 

Not all languages and content are suitable for machine translation, so we suggest that you test your content and language pairs and evaluate the results before you commit to a full project if the volume of words is big.

Save Time by Automating your Localization Process

One of the most efficient ways to simplify your localization process is to connect your content management system (CMS) to your service provider’s translation management system (TMS) via a connector or plugin.

These tools allow content to be exported, translated, and rerouted into your content management system. And depending on your configuration and preferences, translations can then be retrieved manually or automatically.

Automating the localization process eliminates tedious manual tasks, such as copying and pasting translations into your CMS for each target language.


  • Let’s assume it takes one staff member one day (8 hours) to copy, paste and publish a website’s worth of translated copy into your organization’s CMS.

    Assuming we have translated that copy into four different languages, it will take that person 32 hours to finish assembling all four versions of that website.

    Based on experience, we will assume automation saves 50% of the time your staff would have spent on these tasks.

    This represents 4 hours saved per project or 16 hours in total for all four languages.

    Realistically, the other 50% of the time is probably still needed to:

    • Check the translated content fits the current layout
    • Get culturally appropriate images to go with the localized websites
    • Apply SEO long-tail keywords, meta descriptions, tags, etc.
    • Preview the pages before publishing them
    • Fix any errors and publish

    Companies can use the time they save to focus on quality-oriented tasks that automation cannot perform, such as:

    • Analyzing Search Engine Optimization keywords
    • Finding culturally correct images for each locale for feature images
    • Searching for the equivalent links in the target languages to build backlinks
    • Adapting content to different cultural contexts and target audiences

Benefits of Digital Transformation for Organizations

  • An effective digital transformation strategy that includes automating the localization process and leveraging the latest technologies can bring many benefits to your organization such as cost reductions and time savings.

    Download our free infographic with five key strategies and begin the digital transformation of your localization program today.